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Why Choose Austrek Air?


Austrek Air Charter is located in Australia and operates under Civil Aviation Safety Authority Air operators Certificate #526515. We can provide you with professional air charter services from any airport in Australia. Austrek Air Charter also has CASA approval to operate to nearby International Ports. Austrek Air Charter typically serves Australia's East coast and Western outback.


Austrek Aviation Pty Ltd holds a CASA CAR 217 Checking & Training approval. Our Commercial pilots utilise standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and have to regularly undergo check flights where their operational and flight standards are confirmed, ensuring the highest levels of safety.


Maintenance is the most important aspect of aviation safety that can be controlled while on the ground. Austrek aircraft are maintained under a CASA approved system of maintenance which includes servicing the aircraft to the manufacturer’s specification. Our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. Our in house Trend Monitoring System tracks engine performance, detecting problems before they occur. Turbine aircraft operated by us are fitted with computerised ECTM systems which are monitored by uploading the information recorded into the Pratt & Whitney mainframe in Canada. Any deviations in trend are immediately apparent.

Save Time

Austrek Air Charter will fly you direct to your destination in one of our twin engine charter planes.  We specialise in providing high quality and reliable aircraft and crew, at very competitive prices.  Mining Air Charter, FIFO and Corporate/VIP Air Charter is a cost effective travel option reducing staff down-time.


Our aircraft interiors have been upgraded to reduce noise and passenger fatigue. Complimentary tea & coffee on all flights. Your individual catering requirements can be catered for.

Flexible Schedules

Being an Air Charter Company, you decide departure / arrival times to suit your schedule. If it changes, no problem! We have no rigid Airline Schedule to adhere to. ( Subject to CASA Pilot Flight & Duty times)


We are available 24hrs/day, 365 days/year, subject to weather and safety requirements. Austrek Air Charter specialising in offering Ad-Hoc charter, Fly In Fly Out, Mining Air Charter, Corporate/VIP Air Charter, 24 Hour Urgent Parts Delivery, Outback Tours. Special services include fast parts pickup, mining crew changes, hot shots, property inspections, and aerial photography. With Austrek Air Charter you are dealing directly with the operator, no third party involved. Call us, we aim to please!

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